Center Guide

Located on 515 acres in Waller County (northwest of Houston), land for the American Bodhi Center was purchased in March 2001.  First phase of construction began in January 2006 with the building of the Memorial Hall, Meditation Hall, Dining Hall, Dormitories and Lavatories.  Grand Opening was on May 2, 2009.


Center Grounds

Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall is located in the southwestern area of Bodhi Center. It is mainly used for meditation retreats and special ceremonies.

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Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is located in the southeastern corner of Bodhi Center. The main structure of the hall is inspired by the domed design of Heaven’s Hall in Beijing.

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Dining Hall

Dining Hall is located across from the Meditation Hall and is used to serve large numbers of people delicious vegetarian meals.  Additionally, the Dining Hall is used for special programs and events to accommodate large crowds.

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Lecture Hall

The 6,200 sq ft Lecture Hall was designed for culture and other religious camps use. It has a total capacity of 200 people, with a library, one medium class room, two small class rooms, eight individual study rooms, and corridors between classrooms for special exhibitions. In addition, a covered concrete pouch extends from the main building. The combination of Lecture Hall and Dinner Hall with the main parking lot in the middle makes it an ideal location for special outdoor activities.


The dormitories are for over-night guests participating in Bodhi Center activities such as the summer youth camps and extended day meditation retreats.

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Samadhi Houses

Live in quarters for our Venerables and special guests.

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Forest Trails

Bodhi Center has many natural landscapes: hills, meadows, streams, forests. The north part of Bodhi Center is a lush forest. Rocky Creek traverses the center of Bodhi Center, with hills to both the north and south side. Currently, there are many forest trails for visitors to enjoy.

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Flora and Fauna

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Wisdom Lake