hungi_01Venerable Hung I

Venerable Hung I is the Abbot of the American Bodhi Center. In 1969, Ven. Hung I went to Taiwan to continue his study of Chinese Buddhism at the Buddha Light Mountain Buddhist Academy. At the same time, he studied Pure Land Buddhism under the tutelage of Ven. Chan Yuan. Upon graduation, he became a lecturer at Eastern Buddhist Academy and Abbot of Pu Chao Temple in Ping Dong.

In 1978, Ven. Hung I came to the United States to visit Ven. Shi Chen and to improve his English. In the summer of 1980, he arrived in Houston with Ven. Hao Lin to visit Ven. Jan Hai, who had fallen ill at the time. Upon earnest invitation by members of Texas Buddhist Association, Ven. Hung I graciously agreed to stay and look after the newly established Buddha Light Temple.

To better meet the needs of spreading Buddha Dharma among the diverse population in Houston and to take better care of its members, the Texas Buddhist Association built Jade Buddha Temple in 1990. Later on, American Bodhi Center was also established in 2008. Ven. Hung I took the lead in all aspects of the projects and personally attended to every detail.

Ven. Hung I is well versed in Buddhism and devoted to the spreading of the Buddha Dharma. He is currently Vice President of the Texas Buddhist Association, and President of the American Bodhi Center. His published collections include Green Mountains and Rivers in a Bowl, A Brief Interpretation of the Heart Sutra, Buddha Dharma in the Human World, Observations and Reflections, Human and Dharma Relationships, and A Life of Happiness and Equilibrium.

IMG_3053Venerable Katapuno

Born in Malaysia in 1957, Ven. Katapunno was ordained at an age of 21.  After studying Buddhism for one and a half years in Thailand, Ven. Katapunno went to Sri Lanka to continue his studies in 1980, where he was ordained again in 1987.

He moved back to Malaysia and built Vivekavana Solitude Grove in 1996.

After visiting many Buddhist countries, Ven. Katapunno arrived in the United States and visited Jade Buddha Temple in 2006.  Currently he resides at the American Bodhi Center.